Corporate Partnership

We believe in engaging the private sector to create synergies between corporations and artistic programs. Parinama offers a broad range of strategic partnership opportunities to promote your corporate objectives.


Program Sponsorship
Differentiate your brand by demonstrating your commitment to art and culture.


Series Sponsorship
Series Sponsors support several programs combined to form a series with distinct focus (i.e. Parinama Shanghai Dance Festival).


Individual Program Sponsorship
Individual Program Sponsors support specific programs relevant to their brand positioning.


Program Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Align your brand with premier arts and cultural events
  • Increase brand value by demonstrating good corporate citizenship
  • Form a deeper bond with potential and existing customers by bringing your brand directly into consumer culture
  • Drive business by accessing a wider market segment
  • Complimentary tickets to the foundation’s events
  • Opportunity to host private hospitality reception during major foundation events
  • Extensive advertising opportunities
  • Event inclusions


Official Industry Partners
Ensure premier brand exposure through national and international media channels while enhancing your corporate image.


Official Industry Partners offer essential products and/or services to support the foundation’s programs in exchange for complimentary exposure and advertising opportunities.


Parinama provides premier print and online advertising opportunities for corporations looking to increase brand visibility.


To further discuss partnership options, please contact
*Requests for tailor-made packages are welcome