Our Mission

Parinama Cultural Development Foundation is a non-profit organization in Shanghai focused on producing and advancing projects in the spheres of art and culture. We support cultural enhancement initiatives through education, advocacy, funding, and community development.


Why Art and Culture?
Cultural institutions and artists bring people together and animate our society. They stimulate imaginations, inspire creative industries, and create a richer quality of life.


Scope of Work

Integrating art and culture into community development

  • Identifying new models and infrastructures
  • Disseminating research and best practices through forums and publications
  • Liaising with government agencies to secure funding and support



Professional Development

  • Presenting opportunities for training and cultural exchange
  • Providing practical business knowledge and assistance with administrative functions
  • Teaching artists and entrepreneurs to protect their rights and economic interests


Areas of Focus
Performing and Visual Arts
Giving artists the freedom to create and develop, and accelerating the expansion of creative industries


Cultural Preservation and Economic Advancement
Creating and supporting programs that preserve cultural heritage and enhance a region’s cultural profile


Health and Wellness
Supporting development initiatives which not only improve material well being, but also foster better quality of life